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Sonia Leigh’s musical style cannot be put in a box. From Hip-Hop to Country to Pop and Rock and Roll, Sonia’s meticulously crafted lyrics tell stories that transcend genre and leave the listener feeling engaged and empowered. Sonia’s dedication to her fans is unprecedented and she has built a loyal fan base that keeps her on the road when she is not in the studio.


Leigh made her country catapult on Zac Brown's Southern Ground Records in 2011 with major debut record 1978 December. Her single “My Name Is Money” landed #36 on billboard hot 100 charts. Zac Brown Band’s Grammy award winning record ‘Uncaged' features two singles written by Leigh, “Goodbye In Her Eyes” and “Sweet Annie”, both reached #1 on the Billboard Country Airplay charts concurrently.


Musical fluidity has always been a catalyst for Sonia’s creativity. 'Mad Hatter’, her 2018 full length release debuts her co-production/engineering skills and laces her versatility with an easy flow. Sonia’s 2020 rerelease of her song “1978 December” (produced by Roger Taylor, drummer for the rock band Queen) highlights her piano and prolific songwriting skills. Previous 2020 releases “King Without a Kingdom” and “Give You Love” - dive deeper into her grunge-rock and pop influences.

As well as writing #1 hit songs, Leigh has songs featured in hit television shows ('The Good Wife'’), movies (‘Queen Pins‘), and video games ('The Sims'), and has rapidly gained a name for herself in the sync world, signing a deal with David Polemi (BMG) in 2019.


Sonia Leigh has toured the world with the likes of Eric Church, Melissa Etheridge, Amos Lee, Zac Brown Band, Bones UK, Willie Nelson, Loretta Lynn, and Joan Jett. Leigh's energetic performance is packed with magnetic conviction that can hush a room and shake the walls with her raw, raspy delivery, squeezing every drop out of the stage leaving the crowd shouting for more.


Leigh currently canopies several projects to umbrella her different styles such as hip hop/rock duo TYGR TYGR featuring under her hip hop alias ELYVN: ELYVN

with Daphne Willis (Position Music). Their first single/video “Fire Away” and recent single “Broke Down System” are turning heads. Other projects include, low-fi 90’s hip-hop duo Indica Girlz, and the mysterious grunge-pop project Rob The Man. 


Her hard-hitting single “Thin Ice,” released 2023, is fueled with pure rock and roll energy that calls for burning down the barriers around one’s self to realize their full potential and made Apple Music’s New In Rock and Women Who Rock new music playlists. In the top of 2024 her release in February “Beautiful Mess”  featuring Rob The Man continues to showcase her rock pop side produced by Nick Furlong and Colin Brittain with cameo on guitar highlighting guitar player Carmen Vandenberg from the rock duo Bones UK. 


Gearing up for her full length record release in August 2024 this artists will keep you on your toes stylistically but seems to return slightly to her Americana roots this time and ties it all together with a common thread which is all her own uniqueness. 











BMG/Willing To Fly Music (BMI)


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